01 August 2009

first detailing ever

maybe i should get my cars detailed more often. it did turn out pretty nice, and they even did some touch-up paint for me.

btw, i opted out of the "engine steam clean," though i'd like to hear opinions on how effective/safe it is.


JustJoeP said...

From a purely mechanical stand point, a steam cleaning done right can be awesome and effective. A steam cleaning done wrong, is worse than running a life time of the cheapest, most contaminated gasoline and lowest grade oil.

Done right... should include: experienced personnel who know your engine, and settings, and have rebuilt more than one of your car manufacturer's engines; rev-limiters so as to not perpetually red-line your power plant; controlled conditions, including emissions monitoring; a cognizant check to make sure all of your engine's sensors, gaskets, hoses, and seals are not hydrophyllic; deinonized or reverse osmosis water used to generate the steam. Under these conditions, and in experienced hands, a steam cleaning can boost output and heat rate several percentage points. Done poorly (which is usually, anything less than $100, mot often) and it can really ruin things.

I think you probably made the right choice. But.. if your detailer is incredibly fastidious and experienced, it might've been a good thing. =)

Now.. if you were referring to "steam cleaning" of the upholstery and cabin interior... and you live in Chicago, whose summer time ambient RH is close to 65%, I think you've also done a good thing in opting out. Residual moisture in the interior can and will grow mold down to 40% RH, which you won't see consistently until November - more than enough time for lots of spores to reproduce abundantly.

I will get off my moisture soap box now.

zim said...

i trust very few people with my engine, and certainly not guys who spend most of their time waxing paint.

they shampooed the inside, and did a nice job. i _think_ it's all dry now :-)