04 August 2009

CNN genius "polling"

i love CNN's Quick Vote polling. they have a special skill in formulating questions and options that provide ambiguous or incomplete results.

last week, they asked if Palin should run for president, and provided Yes and No as options. how many people voted yes because it would be a disaster, versus how many actually want to support her?

no idea. thanks, CNN.

today, they asked if "you" wear your seatbelt while flying. the first option seemed reasonable enough:


... until juxtaposed with the second option:

"Yes, unless I have to get up"

Oh! so the original "yes" meant, "yes, even when I get up and move about." brilliant!


pyker said...

Nice. Even if the answers weren't nonsensicle, I don't understand why anyone would be interested in the results of an airplane seatbelt poll.

JustJoeP said...

CNN, which was once a reliable news source, has become laughable at best, extremely annoying at worst. they regurgitate "viewer" responses, have dumbed down their morning show to resemble a E! broadcast, and are now a TV channel I avoid. Their web content has some nice transcripts, but just about everything else about them I find useless.

zim said...

yeah, they're really big on the "ireporter" thing. strikes me as being a bit lazy.