26 August 2012

spicy burgers and homemade pickles

the gf is pickling cucumbers today, after having acquired 20-lbs of cucumbers from our new veggie CSA, Montalbano Farms. i think there are at least 4 pickle varieties planned.

we also opened a jar from her first batch, made at a pickling class a few weeks ago. a little garlicky and a little dilly, but definitely opened up when paired with the burgers i made for lunch.

we're running low on ground beef from our half-cow, so i grabbed a pound we got yesterday from Meadow Haven. added salt, pepper, a bit of ground ancho chile, and some homemade hot sauce given to be by my aunt. then topped with a white cheddar. and a thank you to Ron for the tip about not mashing the burger meat too much (now i barely touch it).

the burgers were the best yet. a tasty outside char and a lovely medium-rare throughout.