26 August 2012

spicy burgers and homemade pickles

the gf is pickling cucumbers today, after having acquired 20-lbs of cucumbers from our new veggie CSA, Montalbano Farms. i think there are at least 4 pickle varieties planned.

we also opened a jar from her first batch, made at a pickling class a few weeks ago. a little garlicky and a little dilly, but definitely opened up when paired with the burgers i made for lunch.

we're running low on ground beef from our half-cow, so i grabbed a pound we got yesterday from Meadow Haven. added salt, pepper, a bit of ground ancho chile, and some homemade hot sauce given to be by my aunt. then topped with a white cheddar. and a thank you to Ron for the tip about not mashing the burger meat too much (now i barely touch it).

the burgers were the best yet. a tasty outside char and a lovely medium-rare throughout.


JustJoeP said...

Looks and sounds yummy. Do you save the run off fat for re-use later? or dispose of it? I've been saving up all my bacon grease, and frying eggs with it nearly everyday, but I've not saved burger fat.

Do let me know when you have a chance please.

zim said...

typically with the burgers on this grill, no we don't save it. it's kind of burnt on, so it simply gets washed off.

the bacon fat gets saved and filtered. any butter which starts going off is turned into ghee.