26 September 2009

happy ambiguity

from the comments for this chest freezer.

I purchased for my son, he bakes all the time and was using all my freezer space.

"eat pork, be happy"


21 September 2009


something crazy is going on with the Miami Dolphins. they're tearing up the Colts defense by running the wishbone! who said it couldn't be done in the NFL?

18 September 2009

miata: hardtop or softtop?

which would YOU get?

13 September 2009

safe fun

it's good to know things can't get *too* dire.

07 September 2009

three eggs

... from 3 different vendors. the top yolk is a standard Dominick's non-organic. the lower right is a yolk from TJ's farm, where we've been getting eggs for a while.

but the lower left yolk is from a new place we're trying, Meadow Heaven in Sheffield, IL. we haven't tasted them yet (and this particular breakfast won't help because all the eggs pictured will end up in it), but we're excited about the yolk color.

05 September 2009


saw this in Des Plaines last week. i love the side mirrors.