21 November 2010

FDA disclaimer?

i found this photo courtesy of Mark's Daily Apple. it's quite a claim, obviously, but aren't such claims meant to be accompanied by the standard "not verified by the FDA" language?

most likely this manufacturer is in violation. or are these claims blessed by the FDA?

update: I quickly found this page on the FDA site. Seems these claims are definitely not blessed by the FDA.

Carbohydrates raise your blood sugar the most. Cut back on these. For example bread, cereal, rice, and pasta.

13 November 2010

will the Heat have a better record than the '95-'96 bulls?

all the pre-season hype about the Heat had them besting the Bulls 72-10 record that season. i really enjoy pre-season hype, especially that by the Dallas Cowboys and their "first superbowl homegame" predictions.

the Cowboys are at a stunningly delightful 1-7.

the Heat are 5-4, just 6 losses away from *not* getting their 73-9 season.

love it.