13 November 2010

will the Heat have a better record than the '95-'96 bulls?

all the pre-season hype about the Heat had them besting the Bulls 72-10 record that season. i really enjoy pre-season hype, especially that by the Dallas Cowboys and their "first superbowl homegame" predictions.

the Cowboys are at a stunningly delightful 1-7.

the Heat are 5-4, just 6 losses away from *not* getting their 73-9 season.

love it.


pyker said...

Maybe they meant the 85'-86' Bulls.

JustJoeP said...

now they are 2 and 7 =P (the D. Cowboys)

zim said...

good catch. yes, 85-86 Bulls is what i meant.

JustJoeP said...