02 February 2011

amazing true stories of the Blizzard of 2011

i know they're true, because i saw them on the TV.

1. this evening, the local ABC news reported on a woman who would NOT BE STOPPED as she needed to get her child to a doctor's appointment. the anchors spoke of her ingenuity and great spirit, as she put her child on a plastic sled and dragged her TWO ENTIRE BLOCKS to a COMPLETELY FUNCTIONAL CTA RAIL SYSTEM which took her to the hospital. amazing!

2. last night, the local NBC news introduced a new Storm Tracker Technology, praised several times by the anchors while saying "Storm Tracker Technology" in obvious initial caps. this new technology allowed us at-home viewers to experience what it would be like to travel the local expressways in this storm. They accomplished this by driving a news van on the expressway and POINTING A VIDEO CAMERA OUT THE FRONT WINDSHIELD. amazing!

i am continually amazed by the human spirit.