22 August 2009

the green city market rules


the photo shows only a fraction of the booths there. just fantastic. multiple places to get pasture eggs, several cheese stands (ones where they actually make the cheese they're selling), a choice of grass-fed farms, some excellent whole milk, even a place that specializes in elk.

it reminds me of the Broadway market, but bigger. and without the clothes stalls.

we got their early to ensure we could still get eggs from T&J Farms. we did, but they were already out of bacon (this is where we got the pepper bacon used with the flank steak). no worries, we took home some of their pork chops, which i'm definitely looking forward to. our favorite lamb place, Mint Creek Farms, just this week started offering beef, so we got some ground beef and will also be trying their mexican chorizo sausage, with eggs.



pyker said...

sounds great! you need a better camera

zim said...

that was my iphone camera. i suppose it's silly of me to think that i could, for example, go on a vacation w/o more features, such as a flash.

my 10+ year old canon elph takes better photos than my iphone, flash aside. but it does something to the rechargeable batteries -- even the replacement, which initially rocked, was reduced to 2-3 minutes of use after a few months.

any recommendations for ultra-compact but capable cameras? i'd consider getting one before the upcoming Spain trip.

pyker said...

My last ultra-compact was bought 7 years ago, a minolta dimage, which was great at the time. I would start here.

pyker said...

relevant review from last year