23 August 2009

new camera?

best to start a new post, than bury camera-buying concerns in an unrelated topic.

i like my Canon Powershot S100 Digital Elph. I have a good-sized memory card that holds some 400 "standard size" photos. it eats batteries.

i suppose i could buy YARB (yet another replacement battery) and take the kit with me to Spain, hoping the battery behaves. obvious advantage is initial cost savings, though that may be nulled if i have to get a new camera regardless.

i like the size of the Canon, i like the photos (even though it's only 2.1 megapixels), i find the operation of it intuitive. i like that there's not much lag time between photo taking, unlike the gf's camera that we took last time to Spain (plus, i didn't realize it put all those dates in the images. yargh!)

i shall investigate the links from pyker in the other post, and update here.


zim said...

on initial investigation, the Canon Powershot SD790 IS seems like a good candidate, though I'm now reading about "fatal lens" errors.

but then I noticed that it doesn't have an optical viewfinder, which is something that drives me crazy about the iphone in all but optimal lighting conditions.

in fact, it seems like most compact digital cameras these days don't have an optical viewfinder. am i living in the past? i'm on the fence if this is a requirement for me.

pyker said...

Optical viewfinders are mostly pointless on non-slr cameras, aren't they?

pyker said...

this new canon looks cool

zim said...

i like the optical viewfinder on my S100, it's handy when the lighting conditions don't work well for the LCD.

the S90 looks cool, but it's not out yet.

zim said...

here are the ones on my shortlist, so far:

- Canon PowerShot SD960IS ($260)
- Canon PowerShot SD970IS ($320)
- Canon PowerShot SD1200IS ($170)

seems like every time i find reference to a PowerShot, it looks good. there are just too many damn models.

zim said...

why is the 790 more expensive than the 970? what do these numbers mean? it's too damn confusing.

pyker said...

I, too, find it confusing that there are so many similar models. Many sales must be by aesthetics.