01 August 2009

can i not get fresh meat?

according to one of the farmers at a farmers' market today, Chicago has an ordinance which prevents the sale of non-frozen meat at farmers' markets. I can't find a reference to this anywhere, but from what i've seen offered, it seems to hold true.

an apparent workaround is to arrange sale of the product ahead of time (e.g. purchasing online), and then "merely" picking up your fresh meat at the next market.

but in an era of refrigeration technology, why does it need to be so cumbersome? exactly which prior problem did this ordinance "solve"?


I'm not much a milk drinker these days, but the gf did score some whole, pastured milk today. I just tried it and, oh boy, is it tasty. Anyone know if this is a good source of K2?


pyker said...

That meat freezing ordinance is senseless.

Can you get unpasteurized milk? I love raw whole milk.

zim said...

the milk in the photo is not homogenized, but still pasteurized. i read something that, iirc, states that in Illinois milk must be pasteurized to be sold.

but apparently, as an end-around, I can buy a share in a farm animal and get my raw milk "for free."

have you tried goat milk yet?

pyker said...

I've had goat milk before, but don't recall anything in particular about it. I like goat milk cheese.

amev1 said...

the milk was from pasture raised cows, which was part of the difference. and because it was not homogenized it had loads of yummy cream.

I have not looked for raw milk - but i think there are other end-runs around it aside from buying a share. I know i've seen it somewhere, but like all these things - i forget where.

also, first go at Elk meat. I think we both liked it. :)

pyker said...

Ah, elk. I love elk meat.

JustJoeP said...

The meat freezing ordinance benefits Perdue, Tyson, and other large producers. Leveraging fear, they scared most all states into passing such ludicrous and pro-industrial laws.

Elk can be yummy, but my favorite non-traditional meat in the whole world, are buttered rabbit medallions, followed by superbly prepared duck (which I am terrible at making, but many chefs are great at). Ron's whiskey aged free range beef is still, the world's best bovine I've ever enjoyed, 9 years running now!