31 July 2009

no fruit for you!

gf and i went to the Andersonville farmers' market the other day. at one stand, we saw some lovely peaches, offered in small baskets of a half-dozen or so. i'm still rather low on my sugar intake, so i asked if we could buy just two peaches.

the woman said i had to ask "the farmer," and sent her over. i re-inquired, and got a question of my own: "will you be eating this by tomorrow?"

"yes, for breakfast," I replied.

she looked us over some.

"you keep this on the table," she said in her accent, which i couldn't place. "no refrigerator!"

we agreed to the conditions of the sale, and she agreed to sell us two peaches for $2.

they *were* good peaches...


pyker said...

We have a peach tree in our backyard here that is loaded with fruit. Sadly, I'm back home to London today and the fruit is about a week away from ripe.

JustJoeP said...

Our lemon did great last year. The number of blossoms this year appears to be double of 2008. Such be a formidable winter harvest, chez nous.

When I distributed left over lemons to the few remaining neighbors, I did not demand that they used them promptly... but backyard farming is not my livelihood, only my proclivity. Nice S.Nazi screen capture, btw.