30 July 2009

the gti has arrive-ed!

... and now belongs to a very happy gf.

it was prepped with the 18" wheels, which we had previously negotiated away for a nice savings. so they had to swap on some 17" ones, which took ages. but imho the 17" ones both look and ride better.

it's a really good looking car, i think. and maybe i'm just a little bit jealous.


maxcat said...

Love the color. The 17 year old in the Young home has drooled on one earlier this summer, darn no more 4 doors around. Not sure why he would get one anyway, the VW is more a grownup car. Your gf went with the 17" wheels, why not the 18", did it change the handling too much? Are they runflats? If so, invest in a compressor to keep them inflated esp in winter, not a bad toy to have anyway.

zim said...

yeah, the black is really nice. it look like a really deep grey with sparkles, has some nice depth to it.

i've not driven it with the 17's, only ridden. i told the gf not to let me touch it until it's broken in, so she's declared the first 1000 miles are hers. i will have to check the sidewall pressure and see how they inflated those tires, though. (i'll have to check, but i don't think they're runflats).

for winter, i believe she'll be getting some 15" steel wheels and winter tires.

zim said...

also: yes, finding a 4-door with the manual trans was a bit of a challenge. i think i mentioned in the previous post that they trucked it in from PA (we're in chicago).

pyker said...

Nice! She looks very happy.

JustJoeP said...

Such a smile is worth at least a thousand words =)