27 July 2009


Koni was having a sale on their shocks recently, so I grabbed a set of the oranges (aka STR.T) and had them installed. and i got lifted! i wasn't expecting that. it's a little hard to make out in the photo, but i'm some 1-2" higher.

so far, so good. handling seems better, ride is definitely improved, even though the (run of the mill) shocks i replaced were only a year old.


pyker said...

Cool. Now you can go booney-bashin'!

JJ just drove her cousin's jeep (with doors and top fully removed) off-road. We forded a river and everything. Now she wants one.

How's the GTI doing?

zim said...

no GTI yet! it's meant to arrive at the dealership tomorrow, ready for pickup the day after.

does JJ want a jeep on the mountain, or to go booney-bashin' across Wells Commons?