03 July 2009

palin resignation speech

did anyone see/hear this? it was incomprehensible. fragments of talking points mixed with non-nonsensical sports metaphors. i have no idea what she's doing next (this reads to me more as leaving politics than re-entering the national stage), and this speech certainly didn't have any kind of focus which i thought propelled her to her next position.

i've read speculation that an imminent news cycle is going to have something unpleasant about her; can't say i disagree.


pyker said...

Haven't seen it. What could be more unpleasant than having to be herself in the first place?

pyker said...

ok... I watched some. uh... WTF is she talking about?!??

Rick said...

Did you see the text I sent you after it aired -- the one where I quoted the commenter referring to it as, "Like a minor character from Fargo reading Finnegan's Wake?