05 December 2009

iPhone 3GS = fantastic upgrade

i upgraded from my iPhone 2G, and what a good idea. The performance things bumming me out about my original iphone were not so much 2G v 3G related, but some things just seemed to take forever:

  1. stopping a page load in Safari

  2. getting to the point where i could open a new page in Safari

  3. switching apps

  4. connecting to the Exchange server at work

  5. updating the emails from said Exchange server

  6. opening the camera app and taking the first pic

... and so on. Good god does the 3GS fix all that and more. I hadn't even realized how bothered I was by how long the 2G took to connect to my home wifi node.

so far, the 3G connection speed has been good, somehow better than the gf's non-S 3G connection speed. the camera, though not great, is far superior (the very first pic I took is above; taken in low-light conditions). the maps app handles zooming and scrolling much better. simply put, everything is faster.

I may have waited too long, or jumped the gun, as the first reports of the next-gen iphone "in the wild" have surfaced. And to get the pricing, I did have to re-up for a 2 year contract. But I reckon I'll be happy with this for that duration. sweet!

update: only downside is the battery life has suffered, in an obvious manner.

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pyker said...

I've been holding off because I didn't want to switch providers, but vodafone is finally getting the iphone in January, so I'll be on board then.