05 December 2009

Brazilian steak house

my office xmas party was last night. sadly, not at Fogo de Chao, but I still ate very well at Texas de Brazil. Though rather aware of how much corn-raised beef I was eating in the process, I kept signaling for the Meat Wanderers to stop by and fill my plate.

We were offered the salad bar first; I took this opportunity to load up on some cheese, plus tomato and roasted red pepper, to nibble on between meat courses. This worked out well.

My favorite ended up being the flank steak; I don't know what they marinated it in, but it was fantastic. Even better than the bacon-wrapped filet mignon and what they were pushing as their specialty, a top sirloin. Only the lamb leg disappointed, though the other lamb parts were good.

I finished it all off with some 18-year Macallan and a few bites of a really nice cheesecake with a layer of chocolate / caramel ganache.

It is the following morning and I am still not hungry.


pyker said...

Sounds really good!

"Meat Wanderer" sounds like one of those job titles that's much better in the imagination than in reality.

JustJoeP said...


zim said...

i spent all of yesterday with my body in some kind of shock. i've been fighting a cold for a few days, and i wonder which aspect(s) of the giant meal contributed to my feeling out-of-sorts yesterday:

1. too much food overall
2. too much alcohol (2 drinks, which is a lot for me)
3. too much protein
4. too much sugar (several bites of dessert, plus the alcohol)
5. too much corn-fed meat

i'm still fighting the cold, but feeling more human today. and a bit surprised that i dropped nearly 3 pounds since Friday morning.

pyker said...

Probably the alcohol. And the illnes. (Alcohol is not sugar, though.)