13 December 2009

headline: "NFL Defensive Backs Prevent Single Reception Entire Season"

i just watched an Eagles defensive back turn to the ref to signal "no catch", while a Giants receiver, untouched, picked himself up off the ground and ran past him.

it seems that anymore, with no regard to what happened on the field or how bloody obviously a catch was made, the defense frantically turns to the refs to plead the case that there was no reception.

you would think that no receiver ever caught the ball, ever, according to the defense.

so why bother, defensive backs? when receivers and running backs complain to the refs that they've been facemasked, they typically have a case.

i say give it a rest.


pyker said...

I agree. I hate the appealing-to-the-ref in general. I think they should start flagging it as unsportsmanlike.

JustJoeP said...

It's part of the victimization / Idiocracy-driven / dumbing down of American sports. These defensive dumbass thespian wanna be's are trying to turn the NFL into a version of the laughable theatrics pervasive in the NBA. "Look at me ref! Look at me! I've been fouled! I didn't touch him! I can make a bigger stink than anyone else!"

"There was no catch!" - STFU and let the ref do his job.

To improve the game, I think ref's should be armed with TAZERS and should be allowed 3 or 4 tazing per game from the dumbass thespians who confront them on the field.