20 December 2009

Fox's Dr. Oz

i've never seen his show, but i was "treated" to this quick-spot just now, with him dressed in scrubs and holding a football:

Why do we need all those electrolytes in sports drinks? Because without those delicious charged ions, your muscles wouldn't contract.

so there we have it. drink Gatorade or risk collapsing to the pavement, unable to move your pathetic bag of bones to an upright position.

i wonder who sponsors his show.


pyker said...

Dr. Oz is a moron. And a sleazebag

zim said...

that's pretty despicable.

Matt said...

Brawdo's got electrolytes. It's got what plants need.

You have to wonder how mankind survived those thousands of years without "sports drinks", huh?

pyker said...


JustJoeP said...

Brawndo.. LMFAO! http://www.brawndo.com/