31 December 2009

digging (the?) Le Creuset grillpan

The Le Creuset double-sided grillpan was my main xmas gift to the gf, who had apparently been dropping hints throughout the year (let us credit my subconscious for picking up on that, and question either my cluelessness or forgetfulness for thinking it was my own idea).

I've lost count how many times we've used it in the last week, but every time we've been pleased. last night, we did up a couple porkchops with a dry rub. by luck and/or the use of the thermapen, i pulled them at the right time. fantastic. the inside was just a bit pink, and completely delicious. the carmelization was pretty darn good, too.

when i got closer to the bone, however, i saw that it was just a bit undercooked around there. so i cut off bitesize chunks and put them back on the grill, searing the undercooked parts, and eating them right off the grill when each was done.

good god, was that tasty.


pyker said...

Neat. It's double-sided? How does that work? I don't think I've ever seen one.

zim said...

one side is smooth, the other is ridged. it's got a baked enamel coating that's meant to season.

the one time i cleaned it, i turned it over and blasted the burners on it. that was post-pork chops; i flipped it back over and did some burgers in butter and on what was left of the pork-chop grease.

best. burgers. ever.

JustJoeP said...

Yum. Le Creuset makes some good stuff. We've got a pot set of theirs. I think I will have to look into the double sided.

Is this it?

zim said...

yep, that's it. good price, too.