26 June 2008

Top Gear!

... on BBC America. now that i finally have cable (with DVR), I can record and watch at my leisure. almost, anyway. comcast is coming with a replacement box on saturday and i'll lose what i've recorded already: 3 more hours of TG, 5 episodes of Kitchen Nightmares so far.

though TG runs an hour here, with commercials, it seems oddly chopped up. does every episode have a News bit? the one I watched last night didn't. Jeremy's piece on a new ferrari seemed cut off, just when he was about to say why he wouldn't buy it. unfortunate edit? original content? or do american audiences not get to hear negatives about cars sold here?

my sample size here is only one, so maybe this isn't a trend. but i do feel a little cheated.

Now: what's up with Richard's hair?


pyker said...

Alright, topgear! Not every show has a news segment, but they originally air with a full 60-minutes of content in the UK. Eventually they make it to non-bbc channels and air with some commercials, but I doubt even then that they're chopped down to US standards. US "1 hr" show is, what, 46 minutes of content? Maybe? The best candidate for elimination is the entire "star in a reasonably priced car" segment, but even that's not 14 minutes long.

zim said...

i'm probably getting 44 minutes of content. argh.

the star last night was ronnie woods. amusing enough, but i'd rather know what jeremy didn't like about the ferrari.

rick said...

does this test work?