16 June 2008

fun with ISPs

my earthlink DSL has been down for over a week and my dealings with 1) trying to get it fixed, then 2) trying to get it cancelled could fill 20 posts.

i'm hoping that my experience with comcast will be better; it's being installed on saturday. i ordered it online, and the order must be completed with livechat. after this... i'm not so sure comcast will be an improvement. here's a partial livechat transcript:

Edalyn> I am now in the process of scheduling your order. Please note that someone 18 years or older and speaks English must be present on the day of installation. Of the dates you selected for installation, I have 06/21/2008 between 8am-10am available. Will this work for you?

Steve> is there anything a little bit later? maybe 10am-noon?

Edalyn> I would like to inform you that you have to pay upfornt during installation and the total is $1100.47 excluding taxes and fees. Is this okay with you?

Steve> $1100? is that a typo?

Edalyn> ok, I will check the date for you.

Edalyn> sorry

Edalyn> $100.47

Steve> much better :-)

Edalyn> lol..

Edalyn> I have here on the 18th of June same time

Steve> i'm sorry, it must be a Saturday.

Edalyn> yes, it is

Steve> the 18th of june is a wednesday

Edalyn> you want a saturday?

Steve> yes please

Edalyn> 21st is the soonest

Steve> is there anything available later than 8-10am on saturday the 21st?

Edalyn> 1-4pm

Steve> perfect. 1-4pm on saturday june 21.

Steve> is it possible to add DVR to the order?

Edalyn> yes

Edalyn> you want me to add it?

Steve> is it $13.99/mo? and how much record space would i have?

Edalyn> what do you mean?

Steve> how many hours of non-HD record time will i have?

Edalyn> it depends on the memory od the DVR

Edalyn> it does not say hjow long coz, it depends on th eprogram that you will be recording

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JustJoeP said...

It's Comcastic!
"memory od the DVR"
confidence... dropping...
but it DOES appear that Edalyn will be getting new co-workers soon, in Lynwood: