17 June 2008


Did i miss an entire season of the new Doctor Who? last i'd seen, David Tennant was saying goodbye to Billie Piper, who I really enjoyed in the series. that was all on DVD, when I had no access to cable.

then i started watching the new series on cable. it started with Tennant, solo, on an airship having fun with Kylie Minogue. "hurray!", I thought, "Kylie should be fun." but in short order he ends up with the uber-annoying Catherine Tate, who seemed to be "showing up again."

I think I missed a bit in the middle. I also think they should drop off the irritating Donna on some uninhabited rock so her cosmic-unpleasantness is spared for all races.


pyker said...

Yes, you missed Martha! I've grown to like Donna, although found her annoying at first.

JustJoeP said...

I share Ron's perspective on Donna (having spent Sunday with my knee iced, watching about 6 episodes).

The "Journey's End" episode was a nice round up.... even k9 made a brief appearance.