22 June 2008

Linksys WRT54G and PS3 problems

after configuring my router with my new ISP, whenever i hooked up the PS3, it would be given an in-use IP address from the DHCP server in the router and take down the entire internet connection.

after a big of googling, i found two suggestions for running PS3's with this particular linksys router (the WRT54G):

1. disable PS3's media server, or
2. disable UPnP is the router

i did both, and everything works fine now.


pyker said...

Technology is driving me batty today. I botched my mail accounts setup so deleted and reconfigured. After my .mac account seemed to successfully resync, I found I could no longer send email. Sometimes the apple smtp would work, usually not. The Sending folder seemed constantly busy. I checked it, and noticed dozens of emails from several years ago showing up as sent "today", a few minutes ago. wtf? not sure if these have been actually resent (hope not). Bah.

Anyway, what the hell is UPnP?

zim said...

i don't know what UPnP, but apparently convinced i'm not using it :-)

JustJoeP said...

Universal Plug N Play

pyker said...

if you have to turn it off to get it to work properly, that is precisely not "plug and play"