26 June 2008

suddenly, people are driving slowly

it's the SUV drivers, mostly, who are slowing down. creeping along, it seems, next to other slow-moving SUVs. (what is this psychological automotive phenomenon that causes people to drive next to each other? it's a resource allocation problem, people!)

i remember being a rather broke driver in HS and college, driving my pinto and drafting behind trucks, coasting in neutral to red lights, thinking that this was making a profound difference in my mileage. i'm seeing some of the same stuff lately around chicago. it's annoying. *i'm* getting fantastic mileage and i've still got somewhere to be.

i've taken to doing an 'AH-hah' ala Nelson Muntz to drivers of particularly large vehicles. i also make comments to Ame, pointing at ford expeditions and hummers and such, and saying, 'that turn cost them a dollar.'

can we kill these giant vehicles once and for all? bring on the $8 / gallon gas, i say. and let's see some diesel hybrids, for christ sakes.

and where's my mini cooper D?

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pyker said...

If SUV drivers switched to smaller, more fuel-efficient cars, it would deprive them of the self-satisfied sense of grim determination, grit, and sacrifice they must feel when they have to drive slow or refuel.

[But as I point out so often it's annoying,] We've blasted along for hours on the autobahn in our diesel A2, never dipping below 80 mph, an still getting mid-40s mpg. So I get to feel smugly schadenfreudisch.

See, it's a win-win!