16 June 2008

the progressive sandwich

it was my idea to have veggie burgers tonight, as Ame had bought a new kind and we'd yet to try them. the last kind she bought were actually pretty tasty, and the brand of the box in the freezer were recommended by a friend.

Dr. Praegers.

Oh, Dr. Praegers.

on the way back from work, i ran to the store to get buns and a rather expensive package of Tillamook swiss cheese.

in short, the burgers were disgusting. DISGUSTING. i couldn't quite place the taste at first (it was a melange of, well, pretty much an entire produce section), but Ame sussed it out as lima beans.

after two bites, I doubled the cheese and pickles and tripled the mustard.

after another two bites, I removed the veggie patty entirely.

I was now eating a pickle, Swiss and mustard sandwich.

Ame reminded me that we had leftover Chinese food in the fridge, which was breaded chicken. so I put that on and took another two bites.

off came the Swiss and pickles.

i couldn't finish.


Note that I have *no* idea why this picture is upside down.

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The Fenbi International Superstars said...

Tillamook Cheese can do a lot, but I don't think it can cover for lima beans! haha. When you get a chance, check out the new Tillamook Cheese Fan Club ... I think it's gonna be pretty cool!