08 June 2009

new beetle meets scirocco?

i just came across this photo of a prototype of a possible future NB. i do think the NB shape is pretty darn tired and that VW should have killed it off a couple years ago. but i do like this new shape, even if i am unconvinced about Scirocco 3. then again, i was unconvinced about Scirocco 2, as the original Scirocco shape is fantastic, i think.


pyker said...

Looks a little bit like the Ka. I don't know, I think your initial thought that they should move on was right.

zim said...

when we went to test drive the Rabbit earlier this year, i was actually a little shocked to see a NB in the showroom. it looked very sad, very dated.

yes, they should have stopped production a couple years ago, and then BAM hit us with the Ka/Scirocco bug, available only with a 175hp diesel engine and AWD. and a trip computer. yeah!