27 June 2009

full-service auto repair

i found this note pinned to the wall of my local diesel mechanic, among all the other letters and postcards they have pinned there.


Mike Sankowski said...

:) Nicole and I just read this and laughed aloud!

Hope you are doing well.

JustJoeP said...
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JustJoeP said...

Dr Desert Flower and I once left a package of 4 pork chops, in the back of the V70 in South Carolina, underneath some empty grocery bags and an old table cloth we used to keep in the back for picnics. The next day, there was a vague strange smell. 2 days later, it smelled like something died. On the third day, when the decomp was overwhelming, we found the shrink wrapped pork chop package STRAINING at the seams. I'd hate to think what would have happened if it was not something obvious... or something stuck, down, between the seats... ew.