19 June 2009

comcast is... awesome?

a year ago, i finally broke down and got cable. i had it briefly in 1994 or so, but thought it too expensive and not worth it. that's when i still had dialup.

after several years of declining earthlink DSL service, and desiring a couple more channels on the TV, i ditched DSL and grabbed a year-long cable TV / cable internet promotion. about $85/mo., including DVR and some premium channels.

i knew my year was up today, when I opened the bill and saw it had jumped by $100. an amount i find absurd.

free Starz was part of the original promotion, which i didn't mind ditching. but once on the phone, after establishing that the jump in price was due to the promotion ending, i thought i'd have some fun and request a continuation of the promotion.

and they agreed.

only Starz had no promotion available, so i ditched it. but HBO, the package with BBC/America and DIY, the DVR, the internet, all of it was eligible for another year of promotion.

i'm shocked. that's gonna save me $1200, until this time next year when i request it again.


pyker said...

How is the internet portion of it?

zim said...

it's decent. i've seen d/load speeds of 1 mbit.

okay, so i guess that's "decent" for the US. by the time i dumped my ever-worsening DSL, it was about as fast as dialup was when i went to DSL in the first place.

$45/mo for dialup speeds -- sheesh!