19 June 2009

i sense the impending death of my turbo

despite two cleanings, my overboost problem has not subsided. i'm also experiencing too-high EGT temps, i reckon as a result of the overboost.

last night, in addition to the overboosting, suddenly i was getting inconsistent boost. i would push the pedal, the car would move forward a little sluggishly, then BAM it would suddenly find its boost and jump forward.

i may have also detected some additional whining from the engine area, but i'm not certain.

so i shall take one more chance, and drive it the 30-some miles to my new mechanic, who will install for me a brand-new turbo. one that's bigger, can handle higher boost than the stock one, and has a larger exhaust side for running cooler EGTs. it should still work well with my tune, though i'm aware i won't be taking full advantage of its power capabilities. that's okay, i want my car to run and run within safe parameters.

it's a Garrett VNT-17/22 hybrid turbo, for those keeping track at home. it can handle 26 psi boost sustained, versus the 19 psi spike of the original.

can't wait!

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