01 June 2009

i saw my first Ariel Atom

was heading out to Michigan this weekend, and on the Boorman near Chesteron, I saw a string of fast cars heading west. one was a Lambo, followed soon after by a black Atom.

it went by quickly (naturally), and it was a lot bigger than i expected. black was a pretty cool color for it, as well. gf gave me permission to buy one, after verifying it had 2 seats.


pyker said...

You can get an optional windscreen for them now.

JustJoeP said...

there was one that would zoom around the SC Upstate. I'd see it from time to time, restlessly idling at a traffic light in Greenville before it would rocket off. Sweet.

Rick said...

I like the way that you've replaced the astronaut with the director of our beloved Excalibur.

"There's always something cleverer than yourself!"

Matt said...

Saw one of these at the track last weekend (Reno-Fernley Raceway). It was trailered and pretty much a track-only car, although it was registered. He was in the A group with us. It was one of the fastest cars out there that day. My buddy Ray and his STi were faster though, despite being 2000+ lbs heavier in curb weight, plus 200 lbs of me in the passenger seat.