24 August 2008

my breakfast menu

Here are the items i've sussed out so far for my breakfast-only restaurant:

  1. Breakfast Fries -- a bed of french fries, covered with melted shredded cheddar, and topped with a steaming fried egg

  2. Pork Slaughter -- a collection of all the pork breakfast items offered as sides: bacon, sliced ham, sausages

  3. Starch your day -- like the slaughter, but a collection of all the starchy items: toast, hash browns, fries, english muffin, doughnout

  4. Spam, spam, spam, eggs, sausage and spam -- a bowl of Count Chocula


JustJoeP said...

with # 2 you will have many Polish customers. Easter, at my house was sausage, ham, bacon, and hard boiled eggs... sodium and cholesterol fest.

pyker said...

oddly enough, easter tradition at my house was homemade polish sausage from Mr. Kalpkowski's grandfather. That and beignets. Now that was an excellent breakfast.