02 August 2008

"Is this beer dark?"

...asked the woman behind me at the Jewel, referring to her Guinness in cans. the checkout woman (with the unfortunate nametag "Donka Y") didn't know, but helpfully mispronounced "draught" (as in, "it hasn't rained in 3 months").

i assured the woman that Guinness Stout is, indeed, dark, which is apparently what she was going for.

i suppose i should forgive her, as i don't know much about wine. otoh, i can usually spot a red vs a white.


pyker said...

Is opacity a good criterion with which to choose beer?

zim said...

i suspect she has a someone or someones coming over to her house and she was told he/they like "dark beer."

i wonder if she was also told they like "food" and "fun."