27 March 2009


my tune is supposedly "mild". wow. wow wow wow wow wow. i don't know the hp, i don't know the torque, i just know that it goes like mad when i open the throttle. and what a sound it makes. in the word(s) of Jeremy Clarkson: "POWER!!!!!"


pyker said...

Very cool! Surprised they didn't do a before & after bhp test as part of the tune.

zim said...

i'm pretty sure he doesn't have a dyno. heck, he doesn't even have a lift in his place. it's a sizeable, clean space in an industrial park, full of partially assembled cars.

including his silver Jetta, which can do 170 mph and will do 200 mph when done. yikes!

zim said...

that Cobalt LT was something like 150-155 hp; dunno the torque.

the new bug, though i doubt is anywhere near 150 hp, accelerates faster and much more smoothly. getting from 70mph to 80mph is quick.

rather than taking the boring and horrible I-90 from Madison, we hopped on route 12 and took that all the way to Des Plaines. a really fun drive, though it was dark. mostly 2 lanes, curvy, very little traffic.

good stuff.