24 March 2009

day 3 with the Cobalt

unlocking the door with the key does _not_ disable the alarm.

when backseat passengers exit on the passenger side, i cannot put the passenger seat back to where it was without exiting the car and putting the seat back from the passenger side.

the horn is girly.

the very long doors on the 2-door model make the seatbelt very difficult to reach.

i'm still briefly distracted by the OFF light, wondering why my airbag has been disabled.

the sightlines are even worse at night with the rearview mirror set to dark. add in the spoiler, and i'm now unable to tell at all if there's a car behind me.

on the plus side, the driver's cupholder does hold a large beverage.

further, this car has lulled me into its mediocrity. if not driven too hard, it is easy to operate, and in a fairly predictable manner. if one were exposed to no other cars, i can see how one could come to the conclusion that this is an acceptable driving experience. it has decent pickup. it takes bumps (exception: speedbumps) fairly well, and it feels tame on the road.

i've got it for 3 more days. by no means will i grow to like it. but Cobalt owners no longer completely confound me; i think they just don't know any better.


pyker said...

TG should be mandatory viewing in US. At first it would create confusion and cognitive dissonance -- "wait, I don't understand, they are saying bad things about some of the cars!" -- but it would help people (mentally) raise their expectations.

JustJoeP said...

Survivor, Lost, The Apprentice, nearly all of MTVs and VH1s vacuous programming, Americans Idle... the throngs of lemmings love being lulled into mediocrity. Cobalt owners who willingly volunteered for a Cobalt get what they deserve, what they crave, what they need.