23 March 2009

more bad Cobalt design

the Cobalt has a feature that auto-detects humans in the passenger seat and enables the airbag accordingly. okay, that's cool. however, inexplicably, the part of the dashboard that alerts you to that fact puts a big, lit "OFF" indicator towards the *driver's* side of that display.

wtf? even though i can read the bit that says "PASSENGER AIR BAG", *visually* it looks like it's referring to the driver's bag.

why is designing something intuitive so difficult for Detroit? i have to think that any random group of 10 sixth graders from the Detroit area could have come up with at least 5 better designs. it's just maddening.

and: it's the 21st century now. when i stomp on the accelerator, can i have a car that does more than make the engine scream for a few seconds before actually increasing the acceleration? is GM unable to make that smooth? it reminds me more of my '79 Pinto than the 2002 BMW 3-series my friend Josh drives. WHY IS THIS SO HARD?

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