21 March 2009

imminent fun

TODAY is the big day where we drive up to Madison to drop off my car with a TDI guru for repair and upgrades. sadly, the nozzles i wanted have been backordered since July, so i'm going with a milder set which should still be fun and preserve some mpgs.

the bug is running better than it ever has (including when new!), so it's primed and ready for some performance tuning.

i'll have it back in 6 days. and counting.


pyker said...

Neat. Curious to hear how the changes work out. Hope you have a clear, dry day for the drive home when you get it back.

On our A2, the tires deflate all by themselves. We find this counterproductive.

zim said...

how fast do they deflate? are they deflating evenly?

pyker said...

Not evenly. We need new tires.

zim said...


- Sprint 520 nozzles
- Rocketchip RC3 tune
- Panzer skidplate
- upgraded clutch
- installation of new boost, temp and voltage gauges

pyker said...

I'm installing Panzer Skidplates on all my household appliances.

zim said...

work also done:

- new timing belt (and associated h/w)
- new dipstick!
- new license plate frame!
- and my seat is adjustable again! sweet!

zim said...

btw -- i first used the skidplate not 200 feet from the shop when i bottomed out turning from the lot onto the street.

that plate is thick! i had no idea how strong it was until i saw it in the shop. HIGHLY recommended for all household appliances.