05 January 2009

steel curtain

i was reading on sports illustrated today that the steelers' defense is good. something which many of us suspected. though i enjoy their number one-ness with such things as fewest yards allowed and fewest points allowed, i was actually pretty impressed by this stat: in the 2008 season, the steelers have allowed neither a 100-yard rusher nor a 300-yard passer.

that's pretty awesome.

i don't dare guess how far they'll make it this playoff season (indeed, they seem to be a better playoff team on the road than at home), but i will say they seem to live or die by Roethlisberger. so here's hoping he has a good playoff run.

update: looks like Rivers threw for 308 yards. i'll take the win :-)


pyker said...

I would like the Steelers to win. As much of an asshat as Rivers seems to be, he had a fantastic year and is a better quarterback than Ben, especially a concussion-addled Ben, so could be tough.

JustJoeP said...

I hope the Steelers will make it all the way. I fear they will crash and burn. The "oneness" is beautiful.

JustJoeP said...

that was a good game last night. Much better than the Giant's debacle.

zim said...

yep, no crashing and burning yet. this is the best they've looked all year, at least from what i've seen.

unbelievable, that 3rd quarter. i don't think i've ever seen dominance like that, at least in terms of denying the other team the ball.