16 January 2009

negative 15

it's currently -15 F here, and that's not even factoring in windchill. i think we're right at the point where my car won't start.

i should get 3 "it's just too fucking cold to leave the house" days per year at work.

update: yep, this is the first i've not been able to start the car, iirc. after letting it sit all day in the sun, and temps way up to -2, i was able to start it without issue.


pyker said...

Adding to the problem, most offices are well overheated in the winter, so if you dress warm to leave the house, you bake at your desk.

JustJoeP said...

have you tried an electric engine blanket? I used to find them helpful when I lived in Indiana. Make sure to remove them before starting =)

Also, are you running full synthetic, or something else? Full synth can be good down to -30C cranking:

zim said...

there's a product called frostheater, made especially for TDi's, which is a permanent install and heats the coolant and pumps it around (standard electrical plug setup). seems very popular in the TDi world, so i'm considering that for next season.

for oil, i use Shell Rotella T 5w40, which is a full synthetic with a CJ-4 rating (which supersedes my car's CF-4 requirement).