22 January 2009

positive 51

that is the temperature on my first floor right now. i really hate my new high-efficiency furnace, given its proclivity to conk out (where "conk out" can be read as "fail utterly").

at least the repairman is here now. brrrrrr......

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pyker said...

In Switzerland, our heating system was optimized for best-case scenario. It was underfloor radiant with a high-efficiency, high-tech boiler, pump, and controls. It mostly worked brilliantly. Walking onto warm tile floors in bare feet in the middle of winter, without having the room be dry and overheated, was a luxurious pleasure. But one day it stopped working. And it was very cold out. By the time it got fixed, the house was very, very cold. It took along the order of 3 full days to get the place back up to a decent temperature. Fortunately the backup system was a working fireplace.