30 December 2008

la bahia has closed

the awesome mexican seafood place around the corner from me, which opened earlier this year, has shut its doors as of dec 28. damn, we were planning on doing our new year's eve dinner there.

i am greatly saddened.


pyker said...

No!!! That's terrible news. What a perfect neighborhood restaurant that was.

JustJoeP said...

perhaps they are moving to a new location? Or was there some sort of tragic occurrence in the management? It's always sad to see a good place close. There's a nice Armenian restaurant not far from us that seems very empty each time we eat there. Food and service are good, but the customer volume seems unsustainable. I hope it does not close.

zim said...

sadly, they're not moving. i called last night to make reservations for new years and the outgoing message (recorded by the owner) said they had closed for good as of the 28th.

they had a small but loyal customer base, with the emphasis on small. i think they were just starved for customers.

the last time we went (a couple weeks ago), the owner's grand-daughter was waiting tables. i.e. the omnipresent waitress who'd been there since they opened had probably been let go.