26 December 2008

i like the new TT

and i really like the new TT. i didn't drive it, but did sit in it and loved both the interior and the fantastic views in the (no longer?) blind spots.

at $52k sticker for the one pictured, that puts it in Cayman territory, and i note that they share the same goofy hatch structure. BUT the TT does have quattro drive, apparently, which makes it more interesting to me.

i confess i like the look of the older TT's better, but i further confess i'd rather have a new one.


pyker said...

The coupe? Wouldn't you go for the convertible?

zim said...

i like the coupe better. cheaper, too.

i just priced out a coupe version for $43,800. i had to move to the bigger engine to get the manual -- what's up with that?

that does include quattro, though. nice looking car.

JustJoeP said...

I've seen 2 of these driving around Phoenix. Very attractive 30-something or 40-something women, piloting each one. It is a sweet ride.

In 2001 I was driving on the A6 in France over rolling hills in a Hertz Rental Mercedes 320C doing about 130 KM/hr when a TT shot past like I was standing still. I floored it, but the Hertz installed governor limited me to 160, and I watched the TT put one hill between us in less than a minute, then 2 hills, and by the 3rd hill I gave up. Such a beautiful car. Now, whenever I see one, my amagdyla tends to take over.

zim said...

i seem to recall TT's being considered underpowered when they first came out. seems like that's no longer an issue.

sorry your mercedes was limited to 160; that's, what, 60% of its actual top speed?

JustJoeP said...

yeah, but it was a Mercedes in France. Had I rented it in Germany, no such governor would have been installed.

pyker said...

Sadly, even most new German cars are now electronically limited to 155 mph. Actually, that's pretty damn quick even on the autobahn.

zim said...

i do believe it's pretty easy to re-program a VW to remove any electronically-limited speed. how hard could it be for other german makes?