02 January 2010

a hummus-style disaster

i made hummus last night, first time in a long time. this was to go with the lamb patties and taziki (sp?) sauce the gf made.

mistake #1 was dumping two cans of chickpeas into the food processor, without taking into account that not only was there not enough tahini for those two cans, but i was meant to leave some spare for the taziki sauce.

mistake #2 was dumping a good portion of that tahini sauce on the floor while trying to open the stupid thing (must containers really be so challenging? i mean, if i must struggle with it while using a pair of pliers -- COME ON!)

i will confess i was somewhat distressed, but the gf came to the rescue by suggesting i use some of the greek yoghurt.

along with white pepper, greek yoghurt may become secret ingredient #2 for my hummus.

suddenly, it all started coming together. with the addition of EV olive oil, lemon juice, hot paprika and sea salt, it ended up possibly being the best batch i've made.

i'm enjoying some now w/ a little extra EV olive oil (the really good stuff we brought back from Spain) and some "normal" paprika.


pyker said...

Good tip. No garlic?

zim said...

garlic, yes, but that went in before the chickpeas, so that ingredient fell victim to my storytelling.

JustJoeP said...

Zim, your gf is awesome. You are indeed a lucky man!