09 January 2010


i should probably just ignore loud-mouth NFL receivers, but the Bengals receiver (I can't even bear to type his now-legal name) just irks me. It is his stupid name change, I will confess; I didn't have much of a problem with the player named Chad Johnson.

in last week's typical pre-game smack talk, before the Jets annihilated the Bengals in a fashion unseen since the Bears pasting of the Patriots in the Superbowl, #85 promised to change his legal name back to Chad Johnson if the Jets were able to shut him down.

boy, did they. zero receptions, which isn't surprising since Palmer completed only 1 pass and ended up with a 1.7 rating.

And did #85 change his name? of course not. before today's rematch, the announcers had a bit of fun with it and let us know that #85 said that last week's game "didn't count", and blamed a "bad field".

I don't know how today's game will turn out, but Mr Chad Johnson, that shit is weak.

go Jets.


pyker said...

I don't much follow him, but the few things I've seen this year I thought were funny. I think changing one's name to ochocinco is so comically stupid that I can't help but find it charming. Did you see the ludicrous truck he drove to the playoff game in?

zim said...

i did see the truck, right after i wrote the post. ludicrous indeed.

pyker said...

I see the bears scoring in the playoffs: thomas jones and ced benson. Whoops.

zim said...

i always liked Benson -- did you see him against the Bears earlier this season?

i must admit i've taken some perverse pleasure from seeing Chad Johnson be a non-factor in 2 straight games. wonder if this one "counted" for him.

pyker said...

It's interesting that many players do better once they leave the bears.

Palmer seemed way off target on most of his throws. I didn't notice Chad making any particularly bad plays, although he failed to make a spectacular play when he dropped that possible touchdown in the corner.

zim said...

i was surprised he dropped that, actually. as much of a horse's ass i think he is, he is a talented receiver.

btw, i am LOVING what the Ravens are doing to the Patriots right now.

pyker said...

oh yeah! go Ravens

JustJoeP said...

Re Ron's comment about ex-bears players doing better: my theory is simple, Ron Turner. Now that Turner's dead weight is gone, hopefully there will be some improvement.

Re Steve's comment about name changing, I lump Chad in with the legion of other cult-o-personality NFL players who are so full of themselves, they really should be in the NBA instead. I pay no attention to such buffoons & I actively avoid coverage of them as players, and coverage by them after they leave as players and try to be commentators (T.O., Dieon, etc etc). New saw Walter Peyton being a personality douche bag. Emmitt Smith, Staubach, Young, Montana, Rice, were all relatively subdued personalities while playing the game, and I respect their perspectives even more now because of it. Americans who love the loud, flashy, look at me! me! me! attention whores would be better off watching the NBA, or American Idle, or Survivor Irrelevant Island.

Greatness speaks for itself.