10 January 2010

CBS technology fail = my gain

at some point during the Ravens / Patriots game (i think just before half), the software package that "draws" first downs and play counts on the field failed.

and i love it.

i *like* having to be more aware of the down. and i like having to look to the sideline to see the first down marker, just like the players do.

i reckon i won't get to enjoy this again, unless i watch games from "the old timey days".

oh yeah: go Ravens!

update: damn, they got it fixed. oh well, i'm happy the Patriots lost. and in a bad way.


pyker said...

Shame with digital TV we can't have layered content, and choose which layers we do or don't want to see. So in-game graphics could be subdivided into several categories you could turn off or on. Likewise commentary.

zim said...

i have to think stuff like that is coming. in fact, i wonder if the upcoming apple tablet is going to kick that off in a big way.

it looks like Blu-ray has something similar, in coordination with with BD Live, where you can get meta-information while watching a movie (this is something i've wanted for about 30 years now -- "hey, who's that actor? what else have they done?")

But, the blu-ray thing looked clumsy, which is why i think it's going to have to be up to Apple -- or someone similarly forward-thinking -- to define a reasonable interface for all this stuff.

pyker said...

Once again, it will have to be the porn industry leading the way.

JustJoeP said...

I share your perspectives - on happiness of the Patriots loss, and of Porn being the leading edge for the future as well. =)