08 November 2009

in rather bad taste

Verizon just started running a new Droid commercial with stealth fighters. here is a link, though i'm not certain for how long it will be good.

i must say, in this post-bush era, the image of US stealth fighters dropping payloads onto american soil is a little disturbing to me. and maybe it's simply my cold-war era sensitivities, but seeing missile streak through the skies while people watch from the ground, confused and concerned, does put me off.

but to do this just a couple days after the Fort Hood shootings? that seems to be in pretty bad taste. i don't know if there are a lot of people making such associations, but i doubt that's what Verizon wants in our heads.


JustJoeP said...

I love the "I blame Bush" tag on this!

Agreed, it is very bad taste, and from the looks of it, quite expensive to produce. And WTF does the US military have to do with Verizon? Misguided & misplaced, and a stupid way to deliver a message. Another useless marketeer, making FAR TOO MUCH money for inane work.

pyker said...

I saw this, too, during some online NFL coverage, and was taken aback as well. I wouldn't go so far as to say we should be all sensitive because of the Fort Hood shootings, but in general I found it pretty disturbing, which would have worked if it was for a post-apocalyptic or edgy political thriller game or something dark. That is was for a phone was just... weird. Shock value not even for the sake of shock value, but just because someone thought the effects would be cool