03 November 2009

the death of the service industry

from the other day, on the phone:

me: i'd like to order a pizza for carryout.
her: pickup or delivery?
me: carryout.
her (very uncertain): uhhhh.... delivery?
me: okayyyy, pickup.
her (back to normal): okay!

maybe i'm being naive, but i'm rather under the impression that a pizza phone answering job 1) isn't terribly complex, and 2) has a rather limited jargon set. there are really only four terms for describing three options for accessing the pizza: dine in, carryout, pickup, delivery. MAYBE takeout, for those used to ordering Chinese.

this isn't even a training issue! and i will cite not-a-language-barrior, as the order-taker was a white teenager from the chicago suburbs.

these are the people who will be running the country when i'm retired. egads.


JustJoeP said...

just try giving your date of birth as day-month-year to a health care provider, and watch as they stare, like a deer in the head-lights.

Short-attention-span theater is typical of "kids" now a days.

"egads" indeed!

pyker said...

"Delivery" would make sense if by "carryout" you meant, "I want you to carry the pizza out of your shop and to my door".

JustJoeP said...