14 July 2008

We're in an in-between period

One of my toilets at home has one of those spring-loaded lids: you just push it over and it gently places itself in the down positions.

Ame has a toilet like that. there's one like that at work, too.

many places, of course, do not have such lids. i forget that. so in the past couple years, in many different places, I've been slamming lids down like i'm a 4 year old.

i'd like to think that, in 20 years, everyone will have such lids. except those who still have rotary phones. but i don't know anyone like that anymore. even my grandma has touchtone these days.


pyker said...

It's a solution to a problem I never knew I had.

JustJoeP said...

I've honestly not seen a rotary damper toilet seat lid... I wonder how well they work when they get really really dirty... like a truck stop bathroom kind of dirty?