12 July 2008

my basement is now kicking ass



pyker said...

Nice! Are you going to repaint the walls & posts?

zim said...

i won't paint the brick, as my intent is to let it expel any current and future moisture.

i've been doing lots of research on basements and finishes, and what i *won't* do is put up drywall or glue down tile; my basement is too wet for that.

owens-corning has a wall solution that's very interesting; it's essentially removable panels of their 703 product, which has nice acoustic properties.

i've also found a neat floor system which is squares of raised particle board -- any moisture underneath can freely travel to the nearest drain, and the top can be carpeted, tiled, etc.

it all sounds very pricey, so i'm not certain if or how i'll ever finish it.

pyker said...

I've forgotten the grand plan. Is it going to be recording space?

zim said...

probably not a recording space, as i'm still worried about moisture. but we'll see.

the current plan is to build a room for the utilities (the washer/dryer, sump, furnace, hot water tank, electrical and alarm panels will all be jammed into one corner), another room for storage (which will hide the chimney), and make the front part of the basement the media room.

Ame has a rather big (42", iirc) LCD tv, so that would go nicely down there, once she moves in.