03 July 2008

dirt floor!

though i've had a dirt floor in my basement for only a few hours now, i would like to extol the virtues of a dirt floor:
  1. it's like being outside, only cooler
  2. i feel rustic
  3. no more worrying about if moisture is under my floor -- i can see it now
  4. not tempted to store things down there, i'll just bin them straightaway
  5. get to look at dirt and sand that no one's looked at for 108 years

i also have a trench on three sides of my house. not sure it's as cool as a dirt floor, though.


JustJoeP said...

dirt floors can be very cool... until they get infested by fleas. My grandmother had a dirt floored basement, and my Uncle's dogs brought fleas into it. No matter how many times we bombed it, the flea eggs "hid" down inside the dirt, and came back "to bite you" later. A concur about the positive attributes and extolled virtues you mentioned... but very easy to contaminate in the long term.

zim said...


when they dug the trench around the house, millions of gnats started hanging out on the sides of my house.

i'd be a bit horrified if they were fleas.